Soča Hydrospeed Descend

August 24, 2012 - 1 minute read

Shortly after I came home from rowing across the Atlantic everything set itself back to the way it was two years ago. I had a long-shot plan and slowly begun to work on it, but I lacked something more on the short notice. Perhaps something thrilling and out of my comfort zone.

That’s why I decided I will learn a new sport and swim down the beautiful river Soča.

I’m lucky that Fluid Kayaks and Gecko Headgear are helping and supporting me with their equipment. Having a safe hydrospeed to protect you from the rocks and a good helmet to keep the rocks safe from my head, is essential. Specially for a novice.

I spent two weeks training on Soča and I’m eager to start the descend. That is swim the 120km from Velika Korita (where I’m allowed to enter the river) to the sea in Italy. It will take me around 40 hours, without sleep, maybe more, maybe less, depends on how much water there will be in the river.

The adventure will start as soon as we get some very much needed rain. I visited Soča a week ago and the water is sadly too low. I hope I’ll be able to go in less then two weeks.