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About Marin

Marin is an adventurer, speaker and entrepreneur who has done various expeditions and lunched a few businesses. He's afraid of death, doesn't like stress and he's not motivated by money. He likes to lead teams, enjoys learning new things and challenging himself. 

He's also vocal about Slovenian internal politics and believes that there are some absolute moral values (i.e. not everything is relative).


1987 - Born.
2001-2005 - Fanatic about chess.
2007 - First overseas solo trip to Ecuador for a month long volunteering work on the Galapagos Islands. Hears a presentation by Arne Hodalič which opens his mind to seek adventurous journeys. 
2008 - A trip to Mongolia and an unsupported trek in the Altai Mountains. Marin falls in love with endurance challenges. 
2009 - Decides he will row the Atlantic in three years time. Learns to kayak and paddles solo 750km of the coast of Croatia. Starts his Adsense business.
2010 - Kayaks solo 1400km from Slovenia to the Greek island of Zakynthos.
2011 - Together with Simon Osborne they became the first to successfully paddle to coast of South Korea. In summer Gal Jakič and Marin almost succeed in kayaking the entire length of Croatia. 
2012 - Leads a four man Slovenian-British rowing expedition across the Atlantic ocean. Swims down the river Soča.
2013 - Launches Hobkey.
2014 - Launches Oivo
2015 - Together with Huw Kingston rows from Tunisia to Turkey. 
2016 - Graduates in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ljubljana.