wFoil18 Albatross test ride

June 11, 2012 - 1 minute read

It doesn’t happen often to really experience a innovation first handed. I was very lucky that I could spend some time on board the wFoil Albatross 18.

Fotos by Marta Vrankar

Tomaž Zore, the leading inventor, CEO and founder of wFoil Group comes from the aeronautical segment, he is a professional pilot. Also the other guys are come with different backgrounds and I think that’s the key combination that lead to this new hydrofoil.

It was quite an experience to take a ride on this boat (hence my haircut)!

The thing I like the most is how a traditional look and a futuristic idea come together to make something extraordinary. The engineering behind this hydro foil is amazing, they plaid with the double V concept of foils and it proved to be a very good solution and a winning combination.