Pushing my limits

May 7, 2012 - 1 minute read

My oldest memories are the one of sea. I’ve always lived near the big blue and I am still fascinated by it’s beauty. The sea is the first and last thing that I see when I open or close the windows of my room.

All my adventures, Dalmatia, the island of Zakynthos, South Korea, the Atlantic ocean, all this were expeditions that had something in common – the sea. Therefore, it’s now time for a little change, to try something new, something that is far outside my comfort zone.

Rowing across the ocean was something special, but it didn’t give me the thrill of life.

In few months, in December, I will celebrate a quarter of the century of my existence and perhaps a third of my life. In order to make this opportunity something that I will remember for my whole life, I decided that I will challenge myself once more. This time it will be something completely different, something that I am not comfortable with. It will push me very near the limit of my endurance and, I believe, make me a better person.

I am genuinely scared of the situations I will get myself into, but that is also a reason why I am doing it.


The adventure will take place on a river in Slovenia.  That is all I can tell you for now.