Rowing unsupported from Canary Islands to Barbados. 4900 kilometres of open water. 45 days, from January to February 2012.


Simon Osborne - sea kayaker, instructor and partner as Sea Kayaking Cornwall.
Steve Bowens - lecturer and  specialist watersports instructor at H2O Training.
Alastair Humphreys - adventurer, author and motivational speaker.


9m long and 2m wide. Self righting if capsized. Powered by two pair of oars and 200W of solar power to make water, communicate with the world and navigate. 



"Rowing across the Atlantic was my dream for three years. There wasn't a single day that I hadn't been thinking about it. It was an obsession to which I devoted all my time, money and will. 
I was the happiest man on Earth when we were in the middle of the ocean. Slowly rowing east, laughing and having fun. There were hard moment, but the good ones massively outweighed them. We were the perfect team, which made the whole experience joyful."
Marin Medak

Marin's role
  • Planning - setting goals and making of the action plan.
  • Fundraising - secured sponsorship for 100% of the expedition budget: 75 000€.
  • Managing - designated tasks to team members, coordinated the team, made logistic arrangements, secured media cooperation with POP TV, VAL 202 and Nedeljski Dnevnik.
  • Skippering – at 23 became the youngest leader of any ocean rowing expedition to that date.


Expedition video


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