An iPhone charger disguised as a keyring. Charging the phone with AA batteries that are universal and found everywhere around the world.


Gigodesign - Industrial design studio. Winners of numerous Red Dot and other awards. Role: product and web design, copywriting, communication strategy.
Marin Medak - Role: project leader. 


Oivo was launched on Kickstarter in September 2014. It raised $26.000 in 18 days but due to too many mistakes in the go-to-market phase, the funding was cancelled and killed. 
The amount needed to successfully launch the brand was $100 000, which was much higher than it was possible to achieve.

The project failed because too many mistakes were made.
  • Late public announcement - the project was presented to the public only one month before the launch on Kickstarter.
  • Wrong timing - the Kickstarter campaign was started only a week before the launch of the new iPhone 6. 
  • Too broad target audience - the product was not pitched to a niche target audience but to a broad general one. 
  • Wrong communication - the initial communication was focused on product features and not the user benefit and experience. 
  • Price - the perceived value was lower than the price. 

Product video

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