Google Adsense Websites

Micro niche strategy on the Italian market


The project was started with the goal of earning enough money to pay for the preparation of the Atlantic rowing expedition. The Italian market was not saturated and simple micro niche websites were driving enough free search engine traffic to be highly profitable. 


- 9 websites and blogs in Italian language.
- Topics: online dating, furniture, beds, acne, chatting.
- Total earnings: $25 000+.
- Average Click-through rate above 25%.

The end

After the initial six months of work, all the websites were running on 100% auto-pilot generating a passive income. In fall 2011 Google decided that the quality of the websites were not sufficient and disabled the account. 

Google Analytics statistics

Three of the most profitable websites statistics are shown below. The websites were about dating (Nirvam), acne (Brufoli) and free online chat (Chattare gratis). Note the average click-through rate for the first website; 34.79%. Statistics data is from May 2009 to September 2011.

All the earnings were invested back into sports equipment, coaching and expeditions. They allowed Marin to fund his first three expeditions himself without corporate sponsors. 

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