Extreme sport and adventure have a lot in common with entrepreneurship and business. Fast changing environment, fast adaptations to new situations, management of a team and above all, the importance of motivation and leadership to surpass the challenges that lay between you and your goal.

Coming from an engineering background Marin adopted new scientific findings about leadership and motivation. Different phases of an expedition need different approach and one way thinking does not result in an optimal outcome.

Marin presents his thoughts about leading a group in extreme environment and the motivation behind the idea of challenging the extreme and committing yourself to a bigger, sometimes very distant, goal.


If you are interested to hear his point of view you can contact him here. 

Past talks:
-Royal Geographical Society in London
-Victron Energy annual meeting Munich
-Microsoft Enterprise Meeting
-Victron Energy distributors meeting Amsterdam
-Faculty of electrical engineering Ljubljana
-Rotary Portorož
-ReproMS 03 d.o.o.
-Danfoss Trata d.o.o.

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