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17.May 2012

Top Slovenian nautical innovations

It is interesting that although Slovenia has only 46 kilometres of  seaside, there are quite a few very interesting nautical innovations and companies that rank among the top of the list in their segment.

Greenline Hybrid

Greenline hybrid 33 is the world’s first production hybrid and solar powered boat. The superdisplacement low-drag hull that reduces the fuel consumption and the hybrid (diesel-electric) and solar powered drive systems make this beauty one of the most efficient boats in the world. Greenline is one of three brands (alongside with Shipman, carbon sailing yachts, and Skagen, world-girdling raised pilothouse motor yachts) owned and produced by Seaway Group. Seaway is the world’s leading boat development company founded and driven by two brothers, Jernej and Japec Jakopin.
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7.May 2012

Pushing my limits

My oldest memories are the one of sea. I’ve always lived near the big blue and I am still fascinated by it’s beauty. The sea is the first and last thing that I see when I open or close the windows of my room.

All my adventures, Dalmatia, the island of Zakynthos, South Korea, the Atlantic ocean, all this were expeditions that had something in common – Read the rest »